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Link Building Strategies 2020 ,LEARN the 3 Simple Tips.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Linking , Linking , Linking.

"Metal chain lock"
Link Building the foundation of successful seo

Link building is one of the many  foundational strategies  when it comes to  ranking within Google's search engine. Learning how to stratgize and build tactics will keep you on top of game. You may ask  what is link building? let me show you.

What is link building

Within its most basic format link building is having website link to your site as a refence or as a informational content. With that being said, finding those links takes a lot of time and effort.  Its not a one day trick pony (unless your well know in the industry) but for us regular people we have to work for it.

What can you gain from link building. 

Nothing in life is free, the same with building links. However, to become successful in seo or your own business its crucial.  Top companies all over the world utilize link building to 

1. Increase organic traffic 

2. Boost click-through rates

3.Convert traffic into leads or sales

4.Beat competitors

How does one succeed in building links or finding them in general.

Linking to relevant content 

When people first start seo or their online business, they assume every link has the same  weight and  value of good content. In turn it should help them rank higher. I am here to tell you that's not the case. Linking like that will only bring down your sites ranking, making you lose customers. The better way is creating content that fits your niche and linking to credible sources. Google notices that fact and ranks you much higher.

2. Building solid relationships 

One thing no one tells you about linking building is who do you turn to get your first links. Some of the tactics I used was outreach work, getting on forums and talking to bloggers and content writers. I know it may seem uncomfortable for some people but I am here to tell you the benefits out weight the cons. Doing so will allow you to establish a relationship of trust and relevant  backlinks to your site. Increasing traffic and click- through rates. 

3. Focusing too much on big names 

Using only big names in your links are fine but not too many times, because everyone is doing the same thing your doing. Additionally, it makes your linking building profile looks amateurish and weak. Instead, if you find good content that isn't too mainstream link to them or email them. Your more likely to rank much higher than your competitors when you link to sites that aren't super stream.

Now that you have my 3 tips for link building, keep grinding and working hard. You will surely succeed and reap the rewards.  This article wouldn't have been possible without the help of . They provide the best articles and blogs!

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