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Landing Page Strategies 2020 Part 2

Updated: Jan 16

After finishing my article landing page strategies 2020 , which I thoroughly enjoyed making. I thought about some new ideas that can grow anyone's landing page into a converting beast! Lets get right to it shall we.


Yes ! you read this right, having a consistent flow thought out the whole page creates an ambience that entices the customer. Also these colors can be used as call to actions as well, but I would suggest only using 2 specific colors for that category. In total these 4 colors should make your landing page stand out from the rest of the competition.

The color red is seen as (urgency), your letting your customers know "Hey get this new item on sale before it ends" or " Don't miss out on your spring or fall deals". For example, when you go to Walmart you see red for a clearance sale or big deals ahead. I would personally say, using red as call to action is great way to get customers attention.


Pincourt SEO

The color orange as well is also another great to call to action color to have on your landing page. The same thing as I said with red, it entices the customers and brings in a nice pop into the layout of the page.

Pincourt Qc SEO

The color yellow is associated with happiness, joy and optimism. If your site is geared toward a younger generation between the ages of 18-35 yellow would be a great fit. You could use yellow for yoga landing page , food landing page, or services that need the page to standout "Hey come look at my awesome site and what service we give".

Pincourt QC SEO

The color (Black) is associated with slick design, when your trying to portray a quality item or sophisticated look. If your site is offering a service or product that is geared toward this color, aim for customers around the age of 25-60. For example the picture below shows a black watch, having this image on a fully black site fits an ambience of slick , modern and acentric.

West Island SEO

There you have it, having a good color schema of these 4 colors will boost the traffic on your landing page! stay tuned for Landing Page part 3!!.

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