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Landing Page Strategies 2020

Updated: Jan 16

Hey there, glad to have you back and welcome to a new lesson on building a successful seo or online business for the long term. As we all know, getting customers to your site can be mentally and physically exhausting.

From link building strategies , to website optimization and more. What makes it worse, many clients don't actually complete the sign up process or actually buy anything. It leaves you feeling frustrated and helpless. I know that feeling, when I first started my seo journey. Luckily , for you my friends I believe I found a new technique to help you get customers to stay and purchase good or services from your site!!.

That special secret is (Drum rolls please) ...... Landing Pages! You may ask your self what are landing pages and how does that actually help ?

Landing Page

A Landing page is solely geared toward growing your marketing or advertising by bringing customers to your page or site from multiple social links around you. Those social links can be from






As I said previously, those pages are focused on causing a reaction for customers or clients to sign up to your service or buy a product.

Here's an example of a good landing page from lyft.

As you can see the page looks amazingly done, well crafted and straight to the point. That's just one page, but their millions of good landing pages out there.

The headline

The landing page you create needs to be straight to the point. So much to the point an 8 year old can read it ( I am not even joking ). The human attention span is around 8- 10 seconds long , if they don't know what's going on by that time, you just lost a customer. Make sure it shows your goal and use an interesting tagline to keep them going. Fancy is nice but simple is what keeps people.

Images , Images, Images

Learning how to utilize images is one of the key factors in attracting people to your landing page. Using images that are advertise your product are great, also using images that connect emotionally to whoever your targeting is even better.

Their is a sense of bonding between you and the client unknowingly, they might tell you that but I believe most of them wont. It helps you stand out as unique and human compared to having a simple text landing page

If you want to learn how to utilize landing pages with social media check these guys out

Call to action

Finally, creating a call to action section on your landing page. Its an important criteria when it comes finalizing the client to actually click. You don't have to create something extravigant, just simple, catchy and colorful. Plain colors are boring, but adding popping colors makes things more interesting. Also to add on putting trustworthy credit cards logos for the payment system makes people feel safer.

Here's a YouTube video that I believe will help capture everything you read today.

Thank you for reading and see you soon !!

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