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How can local seo help your business survive uncertain times.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

How to beat the competition

In recent time covid-19 has rapidly and steadily been eliminating small to large business all over Canada and the United States. Many of these companies are closing their physical stores , because profit margins are so thin its not worth staying open. For example Squish, David's Tea, Starbucks, Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works. Imagine small mom & pop stores who've had their profits reduced to half or zero. This is one of the worst economic occurrences in recent history only close to the great depression.

Imagine owning a small plumbing or electrical company or small firm in need of customers. As we all know people are still in need for their services "true" but the issue lies in whether or not you can be found by a customer. Nobody wants to left in the dark, however does who refuse to grow will be. With the market shifting toward an online presence and word of mouth local seo has never been more useful than in today's economy. I know many people will ask "What's local seo ?" . Well , local seo is search engine optimization focused entirely on increasing a business or companies existence in a sea of look likes within a concentrated area.

Putting that location in the front of the worlds number 1 search "Google". Furthermore, increasing the click to rate, Dwell on activity, organic traffic, domain authority, online visibility and many more . Additionally, the increasing the return on investment by 10 fold. To me it sounds like a win- win situation.


In the end, we all want to succeed. The question will always be whether or not you will make the move toward that success.

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